Rich's Reading List

Below are some books that I have enjoyed. I've included my own comments as to why I enjoyed them. Please let me know if you have any books that you think I should be reading!

Don't Make Me Think! A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, by Steve Krug
Rich's Comment:
If you ever think about designing a web site, or about hiring someone to design one for you, this book is a must read. It doesn't get bogged down in technical details, but leads you through some simple exercises to reinforce key design concepts, so you can get the most out of your web site.
OpenOffice.Org 1.0 Resource Kit, by Solveig Haugland, Floyd Jones
Rich's Comment: Microsoft Office costs to much did you say? Personally I find it a little hard to come up with over $500 to do some word processing and the occasional spread sheet. That is where Open Office comes in - It is Open Source, which means you can download it FREE at the website. It is able to open Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, and save in the same format. Not only that, but it replicates 95% of the functionality of MS Office, and includes some extras that Word does not have (such as built in export to PDF format). I've been using OpenOffice on a daily basis for over a year now and highly recommend it.
The Cathedral & the Bazaar, by Eric S. Raymond, Bob Young
Rich's Comment: It is a great read, but I can't describe the book any better than the amazon editor: "The Cathedral and the Bazaar takes its title from an essay Raymond read at the 1997 Linux Kongress. The essay documents Raymond's acquisition, re-creation, and numerous revisions of an e-mail utility known as fetchmail. Raymond engagingly narrates the fetchmail development process while elaborating on the ongoing bazaar development method he uses with the help of volunteer programmers. The essay smartly spares the reader from the technical morass that could easily detract from the text's goal of demonstrating the efficacy of the open-source, or bazaar, method in creating robust, usable software."
Bonds That Make Us Free: Healing Our Relationships, Coming to Ourselves, by C. Terry Warner
Rich's Comment: I havn't finished reading this one yet, but it came to me highly recommended by two different friends in two different provinces (who don't know each other). I'll update my comments once I'm finished.