Web Marketing 101
Now that you have made an investment in time and money to set up a web site for your company, its time to make that investment pay off in increased business and contacts. The following hints will help you increase your exposure on the internet and maximize returns on your investment in your internet site.

Don't Forget!

1. Start to do Outbound E-mail advertising, in conjunction with promotional efforts at your website.  The synergies are great.

2. Create a Signature Block, and make sure that it is included with all your e-mail messages, and postings to newsgroups.

3. Integrate your internet promotional effort with your other promotions, by putting your e-mail address and URL in all your print and TV advertising.

Just another Medium of Communication

We need to start thinking of the internet as another promotional vehicle much like the way TV, newspapers, and radio are different promotional vehicles. Certain segments of the population are more likely to be on-line than others, so the same business tools we use to identify and target advertising to specific population segments that read papers or watch TV should be used in the case of the internet too.

As with any promotional effort, an internet promotion needs to be integrated with all the other promotional efforts that a company is undertaking. This means including your web site and e-mail addresses in all of your print and TV ads, as well as promoting your site on the internet itself. The importance of promoting you web site in your other marketing activities can not be over emphasized.

Outbound Advertising ... For Free!

E-mail is one of the least expensive forms of communication today.  The incremental cost of sending e-mail is zero.  It is amazing that more businesses have not started to gather and organize their customer's e-mail addresses in a database so that they can e-mail promotional material to their customers. It can even be pitched as an environmentally friendly alternative to junk mail. Outbound e-mail advertising, combined with an effective web site can be extremely effective.  The pay back for such a system is very short.

Links Everywhere

Links can be both purchased and traded. Popular sites sell advertising space, either on a "per view" or "per click" basis. Other sites will give free links in exchange for you setting up a link to their site on your site.  In either case, you are looking for maximum exposure to your target audience, much as you would in other advertising mediums. You are probably not going to advertise a teen age product in the Globe and Mail, but you would think about putting it on Much Music.

Integrate your web presence with your other marketing efforts

Make sure that you integratge your web site in all your other marketing efforts. When you do print, radio, or TV advertising, make sure that your web address is prominent in the advertising, so that you potential customers can easily find out more information about your company and/or your products.

As well, The signature block (or SIG) that you put at the end of every e-mail message you send, should be advertising for you every time someone in your company sends an email. At the very least you should have the name of the company that you are associated with and your e-mail address where people can reach you if they have questions about your company. As well, you should have a one liner about what your company does, plus its Web Site address for people to use if they are interested in learning more about your products and services. For example here is my personal Signature block:

Rich McCue
Ph: 250.889.6160