Database Driven Web Applications

Interactive Web Site = Database Driven

Msystems creates a full gamut of web sites, all the way from static web sites, all the way to fully interactive intranet applications (like our Human Resource Web Application). Our specialty is Interactive, Database driven web site. So what is a database driven web site? It is a site that you can update via a web browser, rather than using an HTML editor. It also allow for easy searching for that data you want (e.g. you can put the criteria for a new home that you want to purchase and then let the web site query the database for you).

We'll Help Integrate Your Web Site into Your Business Processes

Depending on what your goals are, and the budget you are working within, we will tailor a solution to fit your needs and deliver good value for your money.

We will also help you integrate the web site into your business processes so that it is not just a marketing department application, but can help the organization as a whole.  Many different facets of companies can benefit from web projects. Marketing is the most obvious, but customer service, production, product development, human resources, logistics and accounting can all benefit, in different ways, from web projects that facilitate communications and transactions with customers and suppliers.