Auction Mate for Dealerships

1. The auction adds a new vehicle to the site you have subscribed to.

2. An email is sent immediately to notify you via cell phone mail.

3. You go on-line and purchase selected vehicle.

4. You save thousands of dollars each month by being the first dealership to the site to purchase the best priced vehicles.


Is the Auction Mate for You?

If you use wholesale auction services (such as Manheim Auction) to help stock your used inventory, our Auction Mate can help you make thousands of extra dollars and save you time on your monthly cyber auction purchases.

Tired of missed opportunities, finding the vehicle you would have bought on-line is already sold? You could always sit in front of the computer all day clicking refresh, but sometimes that doesn't even work because those sneaky devils add inventory when you least suspect.

The solution is found in Auction Mate. Its simple and easy. This is how it works:
As soon as a new vehicle is added to the auction you wish to monitor, an e-mail is sent to your cellular phone so that you can make a decision. The cellular phone e-mail will tell you the model, the price, the KM, and color of the vehicle. See something you like? Get to the computer go to the auction site, look-up the vehicle ID number and proceed as you normally would. The difference? You have a choice to purchase sooner than a competitor.

Free Auction Mate Trial

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