Our Courtship

Our first "official" date was up caving on Mt. Tzouhalem.

The famous midnight picnic.


A candy-gram for Rich during finals. It reads, "Hey "Nerd"! Just a note to a "Mr. Big" to keep you a "Jolly Rancher". Some "Extra" alimento to help you "Skor" big on your exam. Hope you "Excel" with the rest of the "Smarties".

Dancing at a friends reception.


We visited the Salt Lake Temple on a road trip.

Same trip but different temple. (Portland, Oregon)


A quick photo before heading to a Y.A. dance.

Heather sporting the P.J.'s that Rich sewed, himself, for a Christmas gift!


Our first domestic gifts for the soon-to-be wedded couple.

Heather at a bridal shower. Gotta' love the hat, eh?!