Michael- 1999

Do you think mom went overboard on the warm clothing, or what?!. (January)

I'm real helpful in the kitchen, as you can see. (February)


Me and mom (5 months pregnant) stop for a little snuggle. (March)

I am practicing my "adorable-look" to get in good with my Grandma's. (April)


The L.D.S. missionaries wanted to take me out on splits with them. Maybe in a few more years. (May)

When mom and dad go out on dates, Ryan and I get to play with Michael C., our favourite babysitter. (June)


I got to say hello to my new baby brother, Matthew, just a few moments after he was born. I thought mom might need a hug, so dad helped me hug both mom and our new baby. (July)

I got to share my 2nd birthday with Auntie Erin and Uncle Dallas's wedding day. (August)


I have my spatula, so I'm a happy guy. (September)

I didn't like wearing the "Mickey Mouse ears" but I didn't mind the outfit. I REALLY liked the candy the best, though.. (October)


I may be two, but I can STILL fit into a baby chair if I want to! And I'll do just whatever I darn well want to while I'm sitting in there, too! (November)

This is me, sitting on Santa's knee. He was awfully nice. I liked him a lot. (December)