Michael- 1998

Me and Ryan get into the VCR stickers. (January)

I love hanging with my Grandpa World! (February)


Hey, I'm trying to dry off here! (March)

Me and mom, the homie's...! (April)


Grandpa World has a big hat to fill. I'm working on it, though. (May)

This is me and my Great Grandma McCue, just a month before she passed away. (June)


This is me and my mom. We even sleep the same! (July)

Happy Birthday to ME!! (August)


This is me and my cousin, LaRae, swimming at her cabin at Tie Lake. (September)

I was a farmer for Halloween. 


I got to go to Aunt Charity and Uncle Gord's wedding. They couldn't get enough of me! (November)

Christmas morning at our house was pretty fun. I even got a present from Santa! (December)