Matthew- 1999

Big brother Ryan shows me off. (July)

So does big brother Michael. (July)


These are both my Grandma's. We are at Auntie Erin's wedding reception. (August)

This is me, the day I was given a name and blessing at church. (August)


This is my Aunt Charity and Uncle Gord. They were practicing their parenting skills for their upcoming addition. (August)

This is me having a bath in Grandma McCue's sink. Is there no privacy?! (August)


This is me, sitting like a big guy! (September)

How could you not love my cute and chubby little self?! (November)


Me, in all my cuteness!!! (November)

Just me and my mom. (November)


This is me and my brothers. (November)

I'm waiting to see if Santa will come to our home. I was a pretty good boy this year! (December)


Just another picture of cute little me. (December)

Gramma and Grampa McCue dropped over for a visit. I got to have some lovin' from Grampa. (December)