Marriage Day

Because L.D.S. temple wedding ceremonies aren't photographed, these are some of our first pictures taken as newlyweds, after leaving the Portland, Oregon Temple. (Feb. 93)

This is by a little water fountain/pond on the temple grounds.


A "McCue family" group shot taken in the atrium of the Portland Temple.


A "World family" group shot taken at the same place.


After the wedding, we honeymooned up the Oregon coast. We had perfect weather given the time of year.

Rich set the timer on his camera and made a mad-dash back to the rocks for the picture. It was a beautiful spot to take a shot of our new "family".


A week after the wedding, we had our reception. Here, the dreaded wedding line...


But true to her style, the bride wore appropriate "stand on your feet for long periods of time" foot wear.

Lindsey and Erin were bridesmaids. Missing is Cathy, who could only make it to the wedding and not the reception.


Here is a professional picture taken just before the reception.

And yet one more.