Family Life

New cousin, Brandon, poses for a little picture. (February 2000)

Brandon getting attacked by his blanket. (February 2000)


Michael and his cousins show off their new hats. (December 1999)

Michael and Matthew go head to head. (December 1999)


Ryan and Michael enjoy wrestling our dinner guests...! (December 1999)

Michael and Matthew get some cuddling from Grampa McCue. (December 1999)


Here are our sweet looking boys. For one brief moment, they all smiled, were still and weren't fighting, all at the same time! (November 1999)

Our budding hair stylists... Here Ryan and Michael help mom look beautiful with some special hair treatments. (November 1999)


Here are Ryan and Michael at a beach near Grandma and Grandpa World's home. The helped fill up the ocean with rocks from the shore. Hope the crabs weren't too angry...! (October 1999)



This is the World clan at Auntie Erin and Uncle Dallas's wedding. (August 1999)


On our trip to Vancouver Island, we stopped to play at Telegraph Cove. (August 1999)


This is Rich on the beaches of Bermuda. He was flown out for a job interview. He almost took it, but the cost of living there was INCREDIBLE! Too bad... (December 1998)


Ryan and Michael helped dad celebrate his 30th birthday. (October 1998)

We warned Gord that Michael had a VERY sensitive gag reflex and NOT to feed him the food off of his plate. Looks like he didn't listen...! (October 1998)


Ryan and dad installed our underground sprinkler system at our home in the summer of 1998.

Ryan had a nasty accident at church one Sunday. He banged up his tooth pretty badly and it has since turned brown, but all should be well when if falls out and is replaced. (1998)


Here are "the boys" working on finishing up the basement development. (March 1998)

Talk about big shoes to fill! Grandpa World and Ryan's cowboy boots rest at the front door. (February 1998)


Ryan got to help Grandpa World take his Kenworth for a spin around the terminal. (October 1997)

Mike B. tries baby Michael on for size. What a natural, eh?! (September 1997)


This is our little home. We bought it back in December 1996. Can you believe the bank actually lent us money?! (July 1997)


Dad and Ryan, back when there was only one cuddlee to go around. (April 1997)

Ryan and mom pose before the great "after dinner wipe off". (April 1997)


Mom, dad and Ryan out visiting the Robertson's at Tie Lake. Looks like we're getting ready to water ski. (September 1996)

Hey, what do you know...?! Dad CAN water ski! (September 1996)


These are the McCue siblings (minus Sue, who was busy birthing a baby...) who got together for Russel's mission farewell. (March 1996)