At Ricks College

All the roommates.

Me, Holly and Jenni at a Ward Social.


Me and my bunk-mate, Jenni, on my side of the room.

My mom made the trek all the way to Idaho for "Mother's Week". What a nice Momma'!

We took a little road trip one weekend to some family of Jenni's.

On that same trip, we stopped by the Jordan River Temple for a quick photo.

For revenge for some April Fools Day jokes we had pulled, our fellow roommates soaked, then froze all our underwear. Here we are pretending to warm them up, barbeque style!

Me and Holly- hanging at home!

Holly and Jenni, doing the infamous "Fishing in the Dark" line dance.

All the roommates out posing on Krista's car. Were we bored or what?!