Ryan- 1999

With the guitar I got from Christmas, I was able to accompany Michael, who is lead vocals. (January)

Grandpa World came out to visit us again! He tells the best stories! (February)


This is me, when I had a real bad case of "pink-eye". I look sort of like a rabbit...! (March)

Michael and I have a good buddy, Tiff. She moved far away now, but we still think of  her. (April)


This is the birthday cake mom attempted to frost with a dinosaur design. When it didn't work out, she said that the cake had special "dino-skin" frosting, instead. Hmmm... (May)

At the family reunion in July, we took a "grandchildren" picture. I'm in the front row third from the left, and Michael is two kids to the right of me. (July)


Just after Matthew was born, I went over to say hello to him (he's hiding under the blanket) and give mom a hug. (July)

This is Michael and I after a long evening at Willow Beach Park, in Victoria, B.C. We were very grubby, but we had LOTS of fun. (August)


We went out to visit Grandma and Grandpa World again in October. While we were out, we played at the beach. (October)

Mom and dad FINALLY let me be "Batman" for Halloween. I didn't take that costume off for days! (October)


Look at me... the leader of the pack! (November)