Ryan- 1998

This is me practicing for my big career as a singer. (January)

I tried to stay up and play with Grandpa World, but I wore out just a bit too soon. (February)


With my baby brother always nursing, I figured I'd get into the act, too. Teddy appreciated the extra T.L.C. (March) 

This is the puzzle I put together all by MYSELF! Not even mom helped! (April)


Here I am, turning another year older... This time I got to turn 3. (May)

Uncle Gord and Aunt Jenni-Lynn got married, so all my cousins were in town. I'm over in the front, right corner. (June)


Look Ma', no hands! I tried out rollerblading for the first time. (July)

This is me and my bud, Adam. We're pretending to be super hero's. Couldn't you tell?! (August)


Out visiting my Grandpa's and Grandma's again. I got to get some nice cuddles from Grandpa McCue. (September)

I was pretty excited about Trick-or-Treating as a firefighter. Mom even put some "ashes" on my nose. (October)


After visiting Uncle Dave at his dentist office, I got to keep some great accessories. (November)

I didn't want Santa to get hungry, so I left him some sugar cookies and some egg-nog. I also left him a picture so he'd remember me. (December)