Ryan- 1997

I had a little fetish with my green touque. A true Canadian, eh?! (January)

Dad tried to help me shovel the walkway. (February) 


I was excited to meet my new sibling. I talked to it and kissed it through mom's tummy. (March)

I tried out my new bike and helmet. This is my life in the 'fast lane'. (April)


Yipee! I got to turn two this year. (May)

Grandpa McCue and I curl up with, "Green Eggs & Ham". (June)


Everyone else was busy reading the paper, so I wanted to try it out. It wasn't all that exciting... (July)

Finally, in August I got to meet my new brother. I was very gentle with him. (August)


This is me and my Grandpa World out mowing their lawn. I wish I had a lawnmower like this at my home! (September)

This is me just before I went out Trick-or-Treating. I was pretty anxious to go, but dad made me sit for a picture! (October)


In case you forgot, this is my little brother, Michael. I'm a big brother! (November)

Santa brought me this cool basketball hoop for Christmas. This is me slamming. (December)