Ryan- 1996

My Great Grandma McCue loved babies, and me in particular, I'm sure. I loved her lots, too. (January)

We moved to Calgary, Alberta in January, and this is me exploring in my new home. (February)


I'm a big yogurt fan. And sometimes, if I'm lucky,  I even get some IN my mouth. (March)

I've always been big into dirt. (April)


I could barely take time to blow out my candle before I got at my birthday cake. Turning one was pretty exciting! (May)

And because of my affinity towards dirt, you can only imagine why I'm running away from the tub... (June)


Uncle Fred took me, my mom, and Kurt out for a spin, when we visited them at Tie Lake. (August)

Another fun thing to do at their cabin is to drive the kids-Jeep! It's always a sad day when the battery runs out. (August)


I'm out enjoying an Autumn rain burst. (September)

This is me and my dad. We like to just hang out sometimes. (October)


We were lucky enough to spend Christmas out with my Grandma's and Grandpa's on Vancouver Island. I love getting love from them! (December)

I was helping my Uncle Travis play a computer game. (December)